Frequently Asked Questions

What does Light House services include?

Our services include professional design, installation, maintenance, take down and storage of your lights. We maintain a standard of excellence, quality and professionalism.

Why should I use a professional holiday decorating service for my home?

Many of our customers use our service for the aesthetic beauty it adds to their home/business during the holidays Professional holiday decorating also eliminates such dangers as climbing ladders, electrical shock and the stress involved with holiday decorating. We do it all!

What is involved in the design of my project?

The design of your project is a multi-part project. First we will meet with you in person to get a feel of what you are looking for and what Light House will be able to deliver. Once we establish what the design will consist of, we take a few pictures of the project and import it into our design software where we insert the lights and other elements onto the picture. We will make several of these pictures with different design options. We will then e-mail you the picture and await your approval.

How much does your service cost?

That depends on the size of your display. Some of our customers are looking for small yet tasteful displays, and others for a more elaborate display. We can provide you with several design options so that you can choose from a range of prices that fit your budget.

How are payment handled?

Once a design is agreed upon, a deposit of 50% will be required to reserve a date for installation. Cash, check, credit cards or money orders are the acceptable forms of payment. Checks must be payable to Light House.

Customers will be invoiced immediately following installation, once final light count and material costs have been totaled.

Do we rent or buy the lights from Light House?

We sell the highest quality of commercial grade products to our customers. Selling our customers the lights enables us to guarantee the products. In addition, you the customer, benefits from a reduced price in the following years since you already own the lights.

Can you use the lights we already have?

We can work with your existing lights if they are in good working condition. The lights need to be untangled, all working and there are enough to complete the job. We cannot guarantee lights that were not purchased from us. Service calls on these lights will incur additional charges.

How long does it take to install my lights?

It typically takes approximately 3-4hrs to install most lighting packages. Each display may take more or less time for installation depending on the size of the home/business.

How are the lights installed?

Our team of installers are trained to use non-invasive means of installation. If permanent fasteners are required, the customer will be notified prior to installation and asked to sign a structural waiver. Additional costs may occur.

Do we need to be at home when you install the lights?

It is not necessary for the homeowner to be present when our team installs the lights. Our team will be briefed on the location of outlets and will not enter the home unless specifically instructed by the homeowner. We do ask that on your installation day you can be easily contacted by phone in case we need to contact you for any reason.

Are my lights maintained during the season?

During the holiday season we are "on call" for the customer. Maintenance is included in the service package and we will happily visit your home to repair or replace lighting issues you may have. Problems will be resolved within 24 hours of being reported.

Do you take down the lights at the end of the season?

Yes! Taking down the lighting display is part of our service, and it's included in the quote we provide for you before we start work. We begin taking lights down on January 2nd and continue to do so through the end of January. You will notified of the time frame when your lights will be taken down.

What about storing the lights?

Storage of your lights is included as part of our service. The customer retains complete ownership of the lights.

What is our cost for the following year(s) after the first installation?

Your cost would be a maintenance fee and labor, depending on your lighting package. as well as if you would like to upgrade your package at anytime.